Mary Polly Boone ~ Is She or Isn’t She THE Daniel Boone’s Sister? ~ The Saga Begins…

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Daniel BOONE ~ Picture Source:

I got ALL excited when I discovered that we MAY be related to THE Daniel BOONE!  It was really looking good, too.  At first, my plan was to simply find “proof” of our direct line to Mary Polly BOONE (some refer to her as “Mary or Polly”).

Mary Polly BOONE was born in 1746 and married John COUCH in 1772.   That much appears to be correct.

Everything else in my digging went relatively smooth except when finding some official document that would prove that my 3rd Great-Grandmother, Elizabeth Ann HOSKINS, was the daughter of William Riley HOSKINS (1802-1870) and Rebecca CAMPBELL (1810-1880).

The only censuses I can find for William HOSKINS from when Elizabeth would have been living in his home just listed the name of the head of household and then numbers for everyone else.  I will need to get my hands on a birth certificate or something similar to officially prove this, but I have not found any information that would say that this is incorrect.

Temporarily moving past that point went rather smoothly until I was attempting to officially prove that Mary Polly BOONE was indeed the daughter of Squire BOONE, Sr and a sister of THE Daniel BOONE.  You would think that with the history preserved about Daniel BOONE that this would be rather simple… but no.

I have found via the internet that evidently, a LOT of Mary Polly BOONE’s descendants were told for generations that she was indeed a sister of THE Daniel BOONE.  Unfortunately, it evidently has not been actually proven, yet.

It seems (by what I have found as I have scoured the web) that those who have been included in books that are supposed to “have it all” say that she wasn’t.

It has been reported that Mary Polly BOONE was not included in the book “Descendants of Israel Boone” by Alice H. Boone.  The focus of that book was obviously on the descendants of Daniel BOONE’s brother Israel, but should have included any siblings of Israel… and therefore Daniel.

There is also a book named “The Boone Family” by Hazel Atterbury Spraker that is said to be about 600 pages and does not include information relating Mary Polly BOONE (COUCH) as a sibling of Daniel BOONE, but from what I have read, there are some rather glaring issues regarding if this is even the correct Squire BOONE.  The dates listed for his birth do not match those of Daniel’s father Squire BOONE, Sr or his brother Squire BOONE, Jr as far as I can tell.

There is supposed to be a book called something like “Boone Couch Family” that is 124 pages and is the story about our John COUCH with census and a lot more information in it.  I would LOVE to get my hands on THAT!

What I do know is that this family sounds a lot like our ancestors….lol  The Boone family were Quakers and we have been told for years that some of that area of the family were Quakers.

Even though there were family members who were killed by Indians, etc, the dad of Daniel (and presumably Mary Polly) evidently eventually had a “wife” who was an Indian.  Some believe that they may have only been “married” in the Indian tradition or something and he may have actually been married to someone else at the same time.  Hmm…

Some people figure that this could only be a legend, because why would that family marry into an Indian family?  Why not?  I happen to know that an ancestor of ours witnessed his uncle being scalped alive and then he later married an Indian girl.  When asked how he could do that given the circumstances… he said that his uncle deserved it because of all that he had done to them (raping was said to be included).

We do know that Squire BOONE had issues within the Quaker community and had to move away, because he allowed one of his sons to marry a non-Quaker girl.  So, he clearly was not overly interested in what others thought when it went against his personal beliefs.  And just to clarify… I am not looking at that as being a negative issue.  I am proud of his decision to allow the marriage of his son to a non-Quaker even if he is not my 7th Great-Grandfather!

Mary Polly was also supposed to have been born in the same year that a “bona-fide” sister named Hannah BOONE was born.  Hannah looks to have been born in about August.  That would either mean that if Mary Polly is a sibling she was born in January and they quickly got preggers again and Hannah may have been early… or they were twins… or Mary Polly was the daughter of Squire Boone and his Indian wife.  The last one seems to fit some of our ancestry a bit better…lol

I just now found something that says that Mary Polly and Hannah BOONE have the same birthdate of 24 Aug 1746.  From what I have found so far, however, they were born in different locations.  See what I’m dealing with?  😉

I was trying to figure out why our direct line would not have heard all about us being descendents of the sister of THE Daniel BOONE, but then remembered that my 3rd great-grandmother, Elizabeth Ann HOSKINS (PORTER), died 28 Dec 1855 due to childbirth of my 2nd great-grandfather, Daniel Marion PORTER (28 Dec 1855) and an un-named twin, who evidently died probably just a few days into the next year.

Daniel PORTER’s father was Moses Franklin PORTER (1826-1900) who then married Mary Ann (Polly) Rosenberger 30 Aug 1857.

Therefore, Daniel PORTER’s biological mother’s side of the family probably was not talked about much.

There has also been some research done by Terry Eugene BRADLEY (according to what I have been able to get my hands on) that says, “As a wedding gift from her grandmother, Sarah Morgan Boone, Mary “Polly” Boone received a lovely bowl, brought from England by the George III Boone family when they came to America in 1717. The bowl is five inches tall, eight inches in diameter, copper luster encircled by two gold stripes on either side of a beautiful blue stripe, all under the same glaze. When they moved from Kentucky to Missouri, the bowl, tied between two pillows, traveled in Mary’s arms. Since then it has been handed down from eldest daughter to eldest daughter. In 1965, Bettie Boone Ewing Franklin had it. (Ref. “The Boone Scout”, Oct. 1965)”

Given the above information ~ If this Mary “Polly” BOONE is OUR Mary Polly BOONE… She is either a twin of Hannah, they had two baby girls in the same year, or Mary was the daughter of the Indian wife but acknowledged as a granddaughter of Sarah BOONE.

So like I stated at the beginning…  The Saga Begins.

If this all turns out to be true, I will then have to see if Mary Polly’s childhood home is the same as the official Daniel BOONE childhood home that is now a museum.  Now that would be cool!

* Quick update (later on the same day) ~ Maybe our Mary Polly is actually Daniel’s sister Mary who was born in 1736.  I have seen her as being married to someone else, but maybe she was married twice or there is some other mix-up.  Could our Mary Polly have been 10 years older than thought?


If you are directly related to me personally, you may be asking yourself where exactly all of this mystery fits into your ancestry.

Well here you go:

Mary Polly BOONE and John COUCH were the parents of Mary Polly COUCH (1772-1863).

Mary Polly COUCH was the mother of Rebecca CAMPBELL (1810-1880).

Rebecca CAMPBELL was the mother of Elizabeth Ann HOSKINS (Although, I am still working on the concrete proof of this, it seems to be correct.)

Elizabeth Ann HOSKINS and Moses Frankin PORTER were the parents of Daniel Marion PORTER (1855-1925).

Daniel Marion PORTER was the father of Charles Oscar PORTER (1884-1946).

Charles Oscar PORTER was the father of my maternal grandma, Ruby Irene PORTER (1928-2010).


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67 Responses to Mary Polly Boone ~ Is She or Isn’t She THE Daniel Boone’s Sister? ~ The Saga Begins…

  1. jenn barrett says:

    I’m Jenn and just found out I may be related to Mary boone or Daniel books ..and I would venture a guess that I have some sort of American Indian blood. My mothef s mother baxter berger lived in Kentucky. And we suspect that because we didn’t know her father that anything could be a. Possibility…..I’d really like to know more. Jenn

    • nvlynnae says:

      Hi Jenn! I have been working on this further and it looks like it is POSSIBLE that our Mary Polly BOONE might be the daughter of Samuel BOONE Sr who is a brother of Daniel. This looks a bit more likely, but I am not totally convinced yet. As I figure out more, I will blog about it again, so be sure to follow my blog for that information and more. By the way, I’m having a lot of trouble with my Indian ancestry, because for two generations in a row the women were widowed very early and did not remarry. That along with common surnames is making it hard.

    • Barbara Hays says:

      I was not sure where to leave a comment so I am jumping in here. Mary Polly Boone is one of the nine children of George Boone III. She is the sister of DB”s father Squire making her DB”s aunt. She m. John Harrod Webb. There could be another Mary with the nickname Polly but I do not know of one. I too am related to the family through GBIII son Benjamin, brother to Squire and Mary. His grand daughter Sybilla m. Isaiah Webb. Their daughter Hannah m. Jacob Powlus my 4th ggrandfather. Hope this helps


      • nvlynnae says:

        Hello Barbara,

        Thanks for the information. I am sure that this will likely help some others who check out this blog post. It, however, doesn’t explain mine, unfortunately. I was getting all excited about the possibility until I checked my Mary Polly with Squire. She was born when Squire was 50 years old. She also married John C Couch Sr, who I believe was her only husband.

        Thanks again for your comment and help. Like I said, I am sure that some readers are very likely related to your Mary Polly.

  2. Clint Riemer says:

    Hello, My lineage to Mary Boone (Daniel Boone’s sister) is as follows: Clint (Webb) Riemer – Shirley Webb (Mother) – Leonard Webb (Grandfather) – Noland Webb (Great Grandfather) – Joseph Webb (g2 Grandfather) – William Webb Sr (g3 Grandfather) – Elisha Webb (g4 Grandfather) – John III Webb (g5 John is the son of John Webb g6 and Mary Boone (Daniel’s sister)). I hope this helps in someway. Send me your contact info and I can send you lots of information.

  3. Linda says:

    Hi, I have enjoyed reading your information, I am also a relative, (Mary Polly Boone-Couch,Campbell). I will enjoy following your future posts!

  4. Rush'd Lady says:

    We just found out that my husband may be related to the Daniel Boone’s mother via the Morgans. He was researching for me — my third-great grandmother’s first cousin, Elmaza Jane Fletcher married a Samuel Boone according to information my grandmother found in the days before the internet. Since she didn’t document her source, I’m trying to redocument that information. According to what my husband found, Samuel may be a great-great nephew of Daniel’s, but we’re not sure who his grandfather was, presuming it was a brother to Daniel — and some other genealogy sites have differing people. So I understand your dilemma. I just read a book on Squire Boone. He was a Baptist minister. You might be interested in reading my bio on Daniel Boone on and our ancestry blog is By the way, I found you on Pinterest. We also homeschooled and our son was diagnosed with ADD/ODD by Dr. Grace Ketterman.

  5. Tracy Rivera says:

    Hi! I, too, am a descendent of Mary Polly Boone and John Couch. On, I noticed for their marriage, it had “G. Boone” as her father. Hmmm…Also, I was told all my life, on my father’s side my brother and I have Cherokee Indian. Maybe these two clues could help. I will enjoy following your post and will post if I get any more info.

  6. Hi Lynnae! While researching my Campbell/Boone line I came across your blog. I would love to talk with you about your research and how you and I are connected. From the info you listed, your grandmother, Ruby Irene Porter, is my 5th cousin 2x removed, so far away really, but hey, blood is blood; our common ancestor is Patrick C Campbell Jr & Elizabeth James! Would you email me for more personal communication?
    On another note, my brother and wife also have a 14 yr old child with Asperger’s – I know what you are talking about.
    Our personal situations can be difficult at times; what with our own health matters to consider, let alone our childrens’, it can be so hard. We all, as a family, trust in the Lord to give us direction, peace and snippets of daily miracles.
    Sure, we would like completeness and wholeness, but we trust in a God who holds the Master Plan in our lives; we know that we know, there is a reason for what He does. We prefer, as His created ones, to know that we have been designed to partner with Him in whatever we endure.
    Again, it’s not as easy as I have just described – we pray a LOT :]
    Keep up the good work you do with your research – it helps so much!!

    • nvlynnae says:

      If you are on Facebook, sending me a private message through there is much better than email. I check that the most often of anything! Just let me know that it is you (the one related and how). My Facebook is at: You can send me a friend request if you would like, too…. just be sure to let me know who you are in order to be approved. Thanks!

    • Hi!! Check your Facebook ‘Other’ messages; here’s what Facebook tells me: “Your message will go to Stephanie’s Other folder because you aren’t connected to her on Facebook.” Talk to you soon!!

  7. Have you seen this website?,%202012.pdf
    I’m still digging for my Martin White info, but no success yet.

  8. Debra says:

    I’m also a Boone/Couch/Campbell descendant. I enjoyed reading your post about the possibility of Mary being the sister of Daniel. When I was growing up my dad used to talk about our ancestor who “married into the Boone family.” Little did I realize that there are thousands of other people out there who also heard the same story.

    I have read everything I could possibly find about Mary and the known descendants of Daniel’s parents. I’ve looked at that one census entry where J. Couch was living next to J. Boone hoping that the page could talk and tell me who J. Boone was. I am personally of the belief that Mary was Daniel’s niece or cousin, but there’s nothing whatsoever to back up that belief. The best circumstantial evidence is that Mary lived in the same geographical area as the Boone family did when they migrated from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. Beyond that there’s not much to go on.

    Here’s my line from John Couch and Mary Boone

    Polly Couch and John Campbell:

    I’m from two of their sons (Hiram and Elijah), but here’s the male line down to my dad…

    Hiram Campbell married Susannah Eversole (I’m descended from 2 of their children, Woolery and Sally – there was a lot of cousin intermarriage in that branch of the family).

    Woolery Campbell married Rebecca Caldwell (I’m also descended from 2 of their sons, Stephen and Samuel)

    Samuel Campbell married Sally Duff, his cousin – she was the daughter of Sally Campbell and Alex Duff.

    Alex Campbell married Nora Deaton (they were cousins once removed, Nora was the granddaughter of Samuel’s brother, Stephen)

    My dad and then me.

    Maybe one of these days someone will come across a record or document that will help us put this mystery to rest.

  9. Tammy Kroger says:

    Hello I have read your info about Mary Polly Boone and I agree with you. I believe Mary Polly comes from Samuel Boone Sr. rather than a sister to Daniel. Have you taken any DNA test yet? I have been searching and I can’t find that anyone has yet taken the test to determine the Boone/Couch lineage. I see that you come down through Rebecca Campbell. I have extensive research on Martin Couch-Mary Polly Couch Campbell’s brother (supposed mother Elizabeth James) and his descendants and am just starting to work on the Campbell marriages. If you would like to join the Couch Family History page I have set up on facebook please let me know. Lots of info and lots of pictures. Tammy

    • nvlynnae says:

      I have a DNA test ordered, so YAY! I am really nervous about it, though. I MAY be finding out at least what nationality my biological father would have been. I do not know ANYthing about him, including his name. So that is intriguing!!! I also understand that each parent only gave me 1/2 of their genes and it’s “possible” that some “critical to me” blood lines on my mom’s side might not have been passed on to me specifically…. I have probably been reading about this too much…lol I have told myself that I am going to try to remember that if it doesn’t show quite what I am thinking that I shouldn’t get TOO up in arms until I can try to convince someone else closely related to take a test. I just know that I am one of the palest in the family, so the Native American blood likely missed me entirely….lol Others definitely got more of the genes in the looks department and we do know that we DO have Native American blood and on both sides of my mom’s line with recent ancestors born on the reservation, etc.. I’m just afraid that my genes personally won’t show much, if any… since I just have the high cheek bones and scarring like they tend to do and absolutely NONE of the coloring. 😉

    • nvlynnae says:

      Oh! I would LOVE to join the Couch Family History page! Thanks in advance!

      • Jmlady says:

        I am also related to Mary Polly boone ,Mary Pollt Couch, thru Campbells , Couch, Eversole , James, Black families . MY DNA Test has No American Indian in it at all.

        • nvlynnae says:

          I read that when that happens there is still a possibility of some North American Indian blood in your ancestry (although it’s likely very slight). Since we only get half of each of our parents’ genes, it can happen. That would be my luck…lol… Especially since I am SO much paler than my mom. They say that what you need to do in that case (and just to see what genes aren’t in you in general, I guess) is to have as many family members as possible take the test. The more family close to you (and the earliest generations possible)… the better information you will get. It may just be a way to get more people to do it… and pay… but it makes sense. I wouldn’t give up quite yet.

    • janet sparks says:

      Tammy and Nvlynnae, I am of the Campbell Lineage. So listed on my genealogy thru DNA thru lines is Mary Polly Boone 1746-1785 who is my 5th Great Grandmother and ? mother to Mary Polly Couch 1772-1871 who is my 4th Great Grandmother and was married to John Couch Sr. (who literature says was a wagon driver for George Washington) and btw he has a clearly marked tombstone but she is no where to be found in the cemetary but there are several unmarked graves which I found very strange. So I am on this line and MPC Mary Polly Couch was the mother of John J Campbell, and so the line goes down to my Father who was William Campbell and his Father was John L. Campbell and his Father was Abijah Campbell. I would love to really know who this particular Mary Polly Boone is and how she is connected to D. Boone and how she fits into our family.

      • nvlynnae says:

        Janet, That is cool! Can you point me in the direction to find the literature that says John Couch Sr was a wagon driver for George Washington? I would LOVE to see that! It is strange about there being so many unmarked graves even though his is clearly marked. I assumed they were all rather poor (so would assume his would be unmarked or at least identified to a lesser extent, too). Glad that it is clear, though.

  10. I believe that Mary Polly Boone is my 5th, (if I counted correctly) great grandmother. My great grandfather’s name is Green Berryman Campbell, and he sure does look like he has Indian blood in him. I even have a photo of an Indian medicine man that is suppose to be somewhere in Green’s direct linage, but I can’t find the connection. But I do have clear photos of both men. So maybe your conclusion are correct. I would love to find out more. Any photos y’all may have would be great also… You can contact me at

  11. Dan Price says:

    I read with much interest on your article. I had been working on one of my wife’s cousins family tree, and that let back to John Couch & Mary “Polly” Boone. So I started digging too, the more I have dug, I have came to the conclusion if she was kin to the Daniel Boone family, it must be through one of Squire Boone’s brothers. The one last hope was that maybe she was a daughter of Samuel Boone, but after finding the statement following, that rules it out. This was a pension application of Samuel Boone Jr’s ” I know of no person who can prove my services in the army, except my two sisters, Elizabeth White and Rebecca Jones, whose affidavits are herewith attached. I have two other sisters, Sarah Montgomery and Mary Bradley the former living in the state of Ohio and the latter living in Missouri who could prove my services as above for I could procure their testimony. I am known in my neighborhood to William Morton, Capt John Martin or Morton, Dennis Bradley, William Barkley, John Hampton, Jesse Fishback, and Hubbard Taylor, Sr. who can testify to my character for truth and etc. He signed his name Samuel Boone, – William Martin was a clergyman in Clark County, Ky.” Samuel Jr definitely states Mary Bradley, and not Mary Couch. Maybe someone will find a connection someday! Dan

  12. Rosie Howell says: Results you will find sarah couch lewis is the daughter of mary boone, and a relative of mine too!

  13. Jmlady says:

    I also have Mary Polly Boone listed as a grandmother in my tree , thru the Couchand Campbells . I have done a DNA test ,and I don’t have any American Indian in my DNA . Also have other DNA links to other people on Ancestry who are dna linked to the Boone family. One link was to a someone who Listed Hannah Boone as her grandmother.

  14. Jane Miller says:

    Mary married my grandfather webb according to

  15. Kristin says:

    Hi there! I’m curious what your dna results were. I searched mine today and brought up the Boone website as well as some facebook posts due to the dna markers matching. The report said that I was 97% European and 3% Indigenous American which fascinated me because I thought I was adopted all my life due to my family of German lineage having fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. I stood out like a sore thumb with dark hair, brown eyes, and a darker complexion. If you have any more information, please share. I’d love to learn more!

    • nvlynnae says:

      Hi Kristin, I have not done my DNA test, yet. When I get any more information, I will blog about it here and/or post on the Digging For Ancestors’ Facebook page.

  16. nvlynnae says:

    Sherry (a Digging for Ancestors reader) shared, “I too have Daniel Boone in my history. I have found that George Boone III and Mary Maugridge had Squire and Mary Polly. When Squire married Sarah, they had a daughter and named her after his sister Mary Polly. This daughter of Daniel Boone (Squire) was born in 1736. So Yes, Squire Boone had a sister named Mary Polly but he also had a daughter named Mary Polly Elizabeth Boone. Daniel Boone was my 9th Great Uncle.” Thank you Sherry for this helpful information!

  17. kimberley phillips says:

    There were such few “names” back then that there have been multiple uses of the same name. I’m from the Boone family too (Daniel’s brother Samuel). He married Sarah Day; they had Mary Polly Boone in 1766. Mary Polly married Leonard Bradley. Their son (Terry J. Bradley) married his cousin Nancy Grimes. Nancy’s mom was Sallie Boone (Grimes) sister of Daniel. Nancy & Terry had Sarah Bryan Bradley in 1808. She married Hawkins Gibson. They had a daughter, Mary Boone Gibson in 1844 who married James Allen Gray. Their daughter was Ella Boone Gray who married Daniel Lincoln Phillips (my dad’s grandfather)

  18. Elizabeth Stebelton says:

    I can look at my family tree and let you know if Mary Polly Boone is Daniel Boone’s sister. I remember there showes a Polly Boone and I can check if the birthdate is the same. Daniel’s brother Johnathan is I think about my 6th greatgrand father. It will probably take me 3 or 4 days. Also if I can find this same site. My email is in case I can’t you know where to find me.

  19. Rebecca Campbell Christmas says:

    How do I join your FaceBook page? I’m interested in the Campbell Couch line…particularly William Campbell and Nancy “Anny” Couch who were the parents of William Campbell who married Elizabeth Cornett.

  20. Stephanie Gray says:

    well like everyone else i found myself stuck on the very same Mary “Polly” Boone Couch …my direct link to them is John T. Couch who married Elvey Lynch Couch ..will continue digging ..Good luck all

  21. Supermanclark says:

    Hey, is it possible Mary Polly Boone could have married a King and divorced before marrying John Couch?
    I’ve been researching my family tree on and somehow found a link to her but as far as I know, there are no Couchs connected to us in any way.
    I have it saying that Mary Polly Boone is the famous Daniel Boone’s sister and he’d be Michael King’s brother-in-law.

    • Supermanclark says:

      I also just found a possibility that “Mary Elizabeth (Polly) Boone” could possibly have been Daniel Boone’s cousin through Daniel’s uncle, Samuel Boone. And she’s still married to Michael King on this one… But that’s just that one tree I found, so it may not be right. Although, there are a LOT of trees considering Michael King to be her only husband.
      I found a few things saying that Mary also married a William Morgan Bryan and a General Charles Smith too within all this.
      Also for a good tip, some of these things say Daniel only had one sister named Mary, which was Polly, but ya never know. (Also mainly stating 1736)

      • Supermanclark says:

        Alright, so I think I may have figured something out…
        Daniel Boone actually had THREE sisters named “Mary”!
        1. Mary Elizabeth Boone(1736-1783) who married Michael King.
        2. Mary Morgan Boone(1736-1819) who married William Bryan.
        3. Mary Boone(1746-1781) who married John C. Couch.

        I found a family tree with all these listed. All their children are different.
        Seems as if they all went by the nickname “Polly” or the people who posted this infomation was confused.
        The first two Marys must have either been twins or born in the same year.
        It would do some good to look these up seperatly and see just to be sure but that sounds generally correct. I’m thinking One of the Marys could have possibly been remarried and it’s only two, which was the first conclusion.

  22. nvlynnae says:

    I just found this post full of information: “The Family History Center of the LDS lists Mary Boone b
    about 1751, daughter of Samuel A Boone b 17 Apr 1717, and another with father being Squire Boone. You’ve probably seen Gendex files listing her (with husband John Couch) as daughter of Edward Squire Boone and Jane Van Cleave. has a link to Mary “Polly” Boone as daughter of Samuel. And a note in September by Barbara Gill, Director of the Boone Society lists Samuel Boone b May 20, 1728 with daughter Mary “Polly”, but didn’t identify her spouse.

    Some doubt has been expressed that she actually was a Boone (because of failure to identify and document her parents?). As quite a few of us with eastern Kentucky roots from a variety of families all lead to the same couple, I suspect Mary Polly was indeed a Boone, but I’m as frustrated as other in not being able to connect her. At least she came from the same New River area where the Boone family lived at that time.

    More About Mary Polly Boone -Note: Parents not confirmed See obituary of grandson William Lewis
    More About John Couch and Mary Boone – Marriage: August 1769, Orange County, North Carolina

    In the obituary of William Lewis, grandson of Mary Polly, it states that she was the sister of the celebrated Daniel Boone. As a teen, James T. Lewis, descendant of Sarah “Sally” Couch, was taken to the grave of Mary “Polly” Boone on a far m in NC. A small round river rock marked the place.”

  23. Jodi Schmidt says:

    The Mary Boone who was Daniel Boone sister was married to William Bryan

  24. VICKI WILLIAMS says:

    pg 4 CORRECTIONs

    John Couch drove a wagon for General George Washington:
    Yes a John Couch did drive for Gen Washington. But. nothing has been found has been found that this is our Ky John Couch. There are many John Couch’s
    Was he in the Revolution War
    Nothing has been found that our Ky John was in the war. No filings for payment for Rev. War services
    He was a very large man, weighing 500 lbs.
    Use some common sense. How does a 500 lb. person get around today? With much difficulty. If you grew up on a farm, you would know Wagons were purchased on how much they could carry. 200 lb wagon or 500 lb wagon. Would be like todays pick up trucks, half- ton or three quarter ton.
    Elizabeth Jessup & Thomas Couch
    . Couch Summit Couch’s say NO, Elizabeth Jessup & Thomas Couch are not his parents. We don’t know yet. Who his parents are.
    DNA matches
    Our Ky John DNA does match with the Couch’s of Orange Co. But can find no proof they even knew each other, Ours has always been found in the areas of Ashe Co & Wilkes Co. Some think they connect in England.

  25. VICKI WILLIAMS says:

    I am sure you have read lots of information abt our Ky John Couch. I’m sure you have questioned some of what you have read. I will post what has been found and let you draw your own conclusions.
    John Couch drove a wagon for General George Washington in the Revolution War.
    a John Couch has been found driving a wagon for George Washington. There are several John Couch’s . Is this our Ky John, We don’t know. Nothing has been found concerning any filings for payment for RV services.
    Was a big man. Just can’t find anything on his parents.
    The article states: He as a large man, weighing 500 lbs. Let’s ask our self this? How does a 500 lbs person get around today? Climb into a car? Shopping? With much difficultly! How would he get onto a wagon? Go Hunting? Wouldn’t it make more sense if the wagon could carry 500 lbs.? a 200 lbs. wagon. 500 lbs. wagon Like todays 3/4 ton & 1/2 ton trucks.
    Wife Mary Patterson
    1796 ABSTRACTS OF NORTH CAROLINA WILLS. ORANGE CO, NC 1752-1800 by RUTH HERDON SHIELDS. BOOK C page 79. Will in Archives Dated ?? Proven Feb. 1796 signed by Mary “X” Patterson;
    Much thanks to Ruth Couch Couch of NC.
    All her estate to be equally divide among the surving children of John Couch and Besty, his wife deceased. The names of the children , now living being Mary, Letitis, July, Eleanor and Elizabeth. All under age of 18years of age.
    Executors: worthy friends Robert Campbell, Roger Daniel and John Couch
    Witnesses: Robert Campbell and Roger “X” Daniel
    1777 Orange co NC marriage record widow Mary Couch married widow John Patterson age 60.
    1787 April 7 John Patterson dies. There is a large legal litigation follows over the Patterson will with Mary Couch Patterson & grandson. Went on for many years, before it was settled.
    1796 Mary Couch Patterson will (above)
    1799 Oct 25, married record for John Couch & Susannah Smith d/o John & Martha Smith.
    1823 July will of John Couch died in Mecklenburg, which mentions a wife Susannah children John , Letty, Polly, Julia, Ealinor & Elizabeth.
    Dec 2, 1783 Orange Co NC
    Marriage record of John Couch & Elizabeth Campbell.

  26. VICKI WILLIAMS says:

    pg 5 Time frame Orange Co & Ashe Co
    1777 Orange co NC marriage record widow Mary Couch married widow John Patterson age 60.
    ***1781 supposed death of Mary Boon Couch, in Ashe co. ***
    1783 Dec 2, Orange Co NC Marriage record of John Couch & Elizabeth Campbell.
    ***1781-1785 marriage of Elizabeth James & Ky John Couch., in Ashe Co.****
    ***1785 birth of Martin Couch, in Ashe Co***
    1784 – 1796 birth of Mary, Letitis, Julia, Eleanor & Elizabeth Couch.
    1787 April 7 John Patterson dies. There is a large legal litigation follows over the Patterson will with Mary Couch Patterson & grandson. Went on for many years, before it was settled.
    ABSTRACTS OF NORTH CAROLINA WILLS. ORANGE CO, NC 1752-1800 by RUTH HERDON SHIELDS. BOOK C page 79. Will in Archives Dated ?? Proven Feb. 1796 signed by Mary “X” Patterson;
    Much thanks to Ruth Couch Couch of NC.
    1796 Mary Couch Patterson will filed.
    All her estate to be equally divide among the surving children of John Couch and Betsy, his wife deceased. The names of the children, now living being Mary, Letitis, July, Eleanor and Elizabeth. All under age of 18years of age.
    Executors: worthy friends Robert Campbell, Roger Daniel and John Couch
    Witnesses: Robert Campbell and Roger “X” Daniel
    1799 Oct 25, marriage record for John Couch & Susannah Smith d/o John & Martha Smith.
    1823 July John Couch died in Mecklenburg, John’s will which mentions a wife Susannah children John , Mary, Letty, Julia, Ealinor & Elizabeth.
    p.s. Julia/July Couch was the only girl of John & Betsy’s to marry. She moved to Atlanta Ga. & became a spy during the Civil War. I met her granddaughter Mary Gene Elliott in SC @ the Couch Summit.

  27. Cara says:

    So in my research of trying to find the link between Daniel Boone and his elusive sister Mary Polly, I found your article. My aunt has been working on our family tree and has discovered that I am a direct descendant of Mary Polly. She would be my 8th great grandmother. My father’s biological family is all from Kentucky. If you have any other new info on this, I would love to read about it. Thank you!

    • nvlynnae says:

      Hi Cara,
      I don’t really have any more information on this, yet. If you are the 8th great-granddaughter, though, we are definitely cousins! She was my 5th great-granddaughter. 😉 Have you had your DNA done? I just recently sent mine in. Let’s keep in touch either way!

      • Wes Maulsby says:

        I guess that means we’re cousins too also I read a note speaking of William Franklin McKinney and Mary Polly Boone marrying and the note had the signature of the brides father Daniel Boone, that kinda throws a twist there big still thanks for the help.

  28. Jeff Miller says:

    Hello Cuz!
    I am the great-great Grandson of Laura Couch- direct descendant of John Couch and Mary Polly. How is the research going? Please let me know if you have any new information or I I can assist in any way.

    Jeff Miller

    • nvlynnae says:

      Hello Cuz!
      To be honest with you, my genealogy efforts at this time are mostly pertaining to my discovering who my previously unknown biological father was and all about this new side of my family tree. I will definitely get back to this mystery, but that is why I am not at this time. One thing of possible noteworthiness is that SO FAR I have not come across any relatives that have definitely Boone DNA that connects us. Believe me, I am watching for that. I will keep you all posted. Take care! Stephanie

  29. Jeremy Nelson says:

    I read on ancestry one of my cousins tree has Mary Polly Boone in our family line she would be my 7th great grandma it goes like this for me in relation to her Mary Polly Boone her daughter Mary Polly Couch her daughter Mary Polly Campbell her son Wilson Baker his son Gideon Baker his daughter Nancy Nannie Baker her daughter Ida Mae finally her daughter cleda Mae my grandma

  30. Jeremy Nelson says:

    According to my cousin on ancestry on his tree Mary Polly Boone would be my 7th great grandma my line to her is like this Mary Polly Boone her daughter Mary Polly Couch her daughter Mary Polly Campbell her son Wilson Baker his son Gideon Baker his daughter Nancy Nannie Baker Morris her daughter Ida Mae Morris and finally her daughter my grandma Cleda Mae

  31. Peggy Watkins says:

    Hello, i am VERY new at this Genealogy business, but i think i’ve tracked our family to Capt William Christopher Bryan and Mary Boone Bryan… Ancestry states 5th Great Grandparents. In looking around at the children listed, i discovered a SARAH BRYAN CHINN GRIMES….. One of her children is MARY POLLY BERRY……. Would that fit anywhere in your search? Cannot yet find the BERRY connection/marriage tho. Would this info help you? Happy hunting!! Peggy

  32. Pingback: My Current Genealogy Research Plans | Digging For Ancestors

  33. Connie Mazur says:

    My gggrandmother was a Webb from the John Webb and Mary Boone line. DNA will be great for you to know. I looked up matchs on Ancestry for the surnames of Couch, Campbell, and Boone and many people came up, mostly in the realm of 5th to 8th cousins. It does not sort out who is who’s child, etc. And most trees are not exact, including mine. I have lots more work to do. I do know for a fact according to YDNA also that I am related to that John Webb due to my line compared to others out there on a Webbdnaproject. Good Luck!

  34. Wes Maulsby says:

    I am in fact related to Daniel Boone and Marry A. “Polly” Boone was his great granddaughter so this could very well be true what you say but maybe it’s not his sister or maybe it is and “Polly” Boone was named after Mary Boone who we think is his sister but everything I read and all my research says that he has a sister named Marry Boone. Hey maybe we’re related

  35. Tracy Crawley says:

    Hi I’m a 6th great granddaughter of John Couch & Elizabeth James Campbell. But I am very interested in learning all I can about All of Jonh Couch’ s unions & children. I thought that Mary Polly Boone was the daughter or Squire Bone Jr. ? But I havnt really researched it close. I lo e reading everyone’s info & stpries!!

  36. Lisa Boone says:

    Hi, my name is Lisa Boone, my father is Daniel Boone jr. Ive gotten a break in my own research while looking past my Lewis family connection. I found that I am related also to Mary Polly Boone who is Squire Boone sr sister. So she is The Daniel Boones aunt.. I hope this clears it. Up a bit for you. Id be happy to send you the sources if you want to e mail me. Happy trails!

  37. Roxanne Johnston says:

    Hi Mary Polly Boone was Squire Boone’s sister, Daniel’s aunt. And Sarah Boones father was James Edward Morgan..Sarah, my 7th great aunt, Daniel 1st cousin 7x removed.

  38. Tracy says:

    John Couch is my 7th great grandfather as well. But I descend through Elizabeth James & their son Martin Couch.. but I have also been researching Mary Polly Boone. I was told she was the neice of Daniel Boone. Daughter to his brother Squier Boone.. I hope you can figure it out!

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