Free Genealogy Resource PDF ~ King Robert I & The LAKEY Family

FamilyForestProjectOfferCheck this offer out QUICKLY!

(The graphic to the left is just a part of the ad for the offer. )

I just got my free copy of “the complete latest edition of King Robert I” from the Family Forest Project.

Get this… It is a 2100 page PDF… FULL of great genealogy information!

I figured that since it was a limited time offer that I should go ahead and get it now for free just in case we are SOMEHOW related to King Robert I.

On our LAKEY side of the family (my adoptive father’s paternal ancestry) we are said to be direct descendents of THE Rob Roy MacGREGOR’s sister Margaret who married John LECKIE.

I have not proven the whole line back from us yet, but our line is supposed to have been big shots at one time until things went sour (to put it simply) and the LAKEYs are supposed to all be descendents of the many Malcolm de LEKYs and Murdoch de LEKYs ~ apparently “Lairds” and “Barons”.

Given just this… I figured that there MAY be something of use to me in this resource in the future.  This was even before I realized just how extensive this PDF file was.

Since I honestly believe that my biological father’s ancestry likely is from Ireland and/or Scotland, I also wanted to be on the safe side for when or if I ever get to do one of those genealogy DNA tests to get at least my ancestors from WAY back figured out.  Even if I can never know who my biological father is, I truly desire to at least know SOMETHING!

Anyway… I figured that I would at least get some good background information about some of “our homeland” if nothing else.

It turns out much better than that!

IF the research I happened upon awhile back proves to be our true line, we are indeed included in this book!  Yay!

On page 126 I found out about George Buchanan marrying Elizabeth Leckie ~ and I go into my tree on and I find this same George and Elizabeth!

Then just to see if it was the only information that I could quickly find that pertained to us,  I decided to search some of the FLEMING family that seems to be rather prevalent in the PDF book and I remember seeing quite a bit on my family tree.  Guess what?  I easily found Lady Elizabeth STEWART and how she married Malcolm FLEMING… and they are the same ones.  Now remember, we MAY not be directly related.  I still have to prove it concretely, but it’s looking good.

Besides… some of you on the LAKEY side may remember when I found out about Rob Roy and posted his picture.  He looks JUST like some pictures of my brother, who is officially a LAKEY.  He doesn’t see it, but many of the rest of us cannot NOT see the uncanny resemblance.  Definitely some strong genes there…lol

Anyway… This is a limited time offer, so I wanted to give this a shout-out quickly.

Why are they giving all of this information for free?  Simply to get us all to see the quality of their products and WANT to get our hands on their newest book that is getting ready to come out.  And honestly, especially for a genealogical history type book, their sale price for the upcoming book is about the going rate for a lot of ones out there that do not have anywhere near what this one has.

I have not been asked to give this review, nor am I being compensated in any way for this post.  I just want you all to learn about this wonderful resource and get one for yourself!

Do it quickly, though.  Just go here: Free Offer, No Strings Attached, No Credit Card Required

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