My Genomelink Global Ancestry Results

I just received my Global Ancestry results from Genomelink. It honestly doesn’t surprise me TOO much.

The way I understand this, it looks at your chromosomes individually. When certain things are seen on each chromosome, they correspond with originally coming from a certain ethnicity (further back than Ancestry and 23andMe results). It is a much deeper dive into your DNA. 

I am not entirely surprised by the Iberian, because my initial results from 23andMe did show a bit of Iberian. They have since removed it from my ethnicity estimate. It looks like that bit of DNA has been lumped in elsewhere where they “think” my DNA comes from. The way I understand it, both companies removed some of what they saw as just “noise” when it could really be something that is true.

Their updates, however, have generally gotten closer to my paper trail (for example: I am no longer seen as almost completely British and now show about 42% Scottish and Irish, which seems about right), but some things (for example: my Scandinavian that I know I have) has mostly been removed even though I know that it was more correct in my first results.

That being said, this deeper dive is showing my Iberian at 23% (compared to my initial results at 6-11% by 23andMe). I think that is likely a bit high, since I so far only know of one ancestor from that area. It was MANY generations back, so I thought that was why it wasn’t really showing up anymore (even though it did at first).

Regarding the Italian: This would be cool. I did see this on a result early on from another group (which I can no longer find… I think it was through a college science department) that took your raw DNA results and analyzed them for you. If I remember correctly, it was putting me at somewhere between 4% and 6% Italian. Have I seen anything like this in my paper trail? No, but I do still have several extremely short branches and brick walls on both sides.

I also did see some mention of something like a trace of Asian and another of Middle Eastern on a couple of earlier results, too. Not sure where those come from in my tree, but being raised thinking I was Heinz 57 (and more than most people…) I do appreciate a little more variety showing up. LOL

I don’t remember even hearing about Dravidian before, but it is cool having some more variety in my DNA make up, even though five of them are only at 1%.

Genomelink is another one of those companies that you simply upload your raw DNA data from Ancestry or 23andMe and they analyze it with their own algorithms.

Remember, your DNA does not lie or change. If it shows that one or both of your parents’ sides are not related to you… either one or both of your parents is not who you expected or one of their parents or grandparents are not. These results, as well as who your DNA matches are (the closer ones like 4th cousin and closer) ARE your relatives. But… the algorithms the companies use to try to “estimate” what nationalities you are can change (and might be really off, depending on the company and their base samples they test against). That is one of the reasons why I like to look at several different estimates. (Please note that some of Genomelink is free, but I believe you only have temporary access. I also had to pay for this estimation, but I got it on sale. Best news? It only took about 24 hours to get my results.)

Below are my current estimates from the different companies. The ones from Ancestry and 23andMe are both around my third updates from each. All of the others are the only ones I have received so far.

Left to Right – Top row: Ancestry and 23andMe – Bottom row/section: My True Ancestry (another deeper dive) on top of Wegene (which is currently, in my opinion and according to my knowledge, the most inaccurate for me, yet, although I would love to have some Ashkenazi in me). Over on the right side of the bottom is from My Heritage. This was the first one to recognize that I do indeed have A LOT of Scottish and Irish in me, as well as a nice amount of Welch. It also shows the most Scandinavian, which looks like it could be correct (if not still slightly low). It was also the first place that I saw any mention of Middle Eastern, which is a total surprise. (Please note that the links to Ancestry and 23andMe are my referral links. You get a percentage off and I get a gift card. Win, win. Thank you in advance.)

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