Fielding and Sarah JOHNSON ~ Tombstone Tuesday

Fielding Monroe JOHNSON (1844~1920) Sarah Elizabeth BARR JOHNSON (1846~1932)

Fielding Monroe & Sarah Elizabeth JOHNSON

My hubby’s second great-grandfather, Fielding Monroe JOHNSON, was born November 30, 1844 in Hester, Marion County, Missouri to Albert Gallatin JOHNSON (1804-1871) and Mary Catherine TURNER (1811-1867).  Fielding died December 12, 1920 in Fresno, California.

My hubby’s second great-grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth BARR, was born June 29, 1846 in Union Star, Brackenridge County, Kentucky to Jereboam Beauchamp (Jerry) BARR (1819-1891) and Eliza Ann DOWELL (1821-1857).  Sarah died April 19, 1932 in Fresno, California.

Fielding and Sarah married September 12, 1869 in Palmyra, Marion County, Missouri.  They lived in various parts of Marion County for many years until sometime between 1900 and 1910 when they moved to the Fresno area of California.  They were buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Fresno, California.

Fielding and Sarah had seven children: Robert I. JOHNSON (1870-1950), Thomas J. JOHNSON (1872-1887), Francis M. JOHNSON (1874-1958), Marvin A. JOHNSON (1876-1963), Mary C. JOHNSON (1878-1923), Jerry Taylor JOHNSON (1881-1943), and Otis JOHNSON (1886-1968).

Their son, Jerry Taylor JOHNSON, and Josephine M. THAYLER (1879-1975) were the parents of Evelyn Iola JOHNSON (1908-1979).

Leonard Smith PARKER (1905-1988) and Evelyn were the parents of Jerry Edward PARKER (b. 1936) ~ my father-in-love.

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9 Responses to Fielding and Sarah JOHNSON ~ Tombstone Tuesday

  1. Nicely done. 🙂 I have heard before that genealogy can be particularly difficult in Missouri. Have you found that to be true?

    • nvlynnae says:

      Thanks! In answer to your question: Not really, but I am actually from Missouri myself, so that may make a difference. It is a bit harder now that I live in Nevada, though.

  2. John B. Olthoff says:

    My mother is Patricia (Johnson) Olthoff, her mother was Vida Kellogg (1896-1994) and her father was Otis Johnson (1886-1968). I was wondering where you found information on Fielding Johnson-Sarah Barr, but mainly on Otis Johnson. My mother was born in 1926, I was born in 1958. My grandmother resided in another state, I never even heard Otis’ name at all. That is until got a copy of my mom’s birth certificate, have found a bit of information on his family. I want to find out who he was and about his ancestors. Thank you

    • nvlynnae says:

      Hey John,
      I was just going to reply here, but once I got started in answering your questions… I discovered that I had enough for a whole post. 🙂 So go and check this out to find out what I dug up:

      • dfwtexans00 says:

        I recognize photo of my father and mother, but I think Stanley Otis Johnson could not be grandfather. 1920 census you referenced shows Stanley age 18, so when Mom (Patricia was born he would have been 24. Her birth certificate (see attached), shows Otis Johnson birthplace Montrose, MO BUT says he is age 39 at her birth. Looks like am back to square one.  Thanks

        • nvlynnae says:

          Hmm… This was the JOHNSON others have Vida Margaret KELLOGG hooked up with on and being that his middle name also matched, I thought I might be onto something for you. Sorry. And yes, Stanley Otis JOHNSON would have been about 22 when your mom was born. I could not access an attached file, unfortunately. When I was trying to find other Otis JOHNSON’s, I did come across at least two more Otis JOHNSON’s who were about the same age as mine, were born in Missouri, and/or died about the same time in California. So there is still hope even online. I just went back and checked again.

          There are:
          Otis E JOHNSON born December 18, 1889 in Missouri and died March 16, 1969 in Tulare.
          Otis L JOHNSON born April 4, 1886 in Iowa and died November 24, 1973 in Los Angeles.
          Otis T, JOHNSON born December 3, 1886 in Wisconsin and died November 9, 1979 in Alameda, California.
          Otis Ray JOHNSON born November 15, 1888 in Ohio and died March 31, 1958 in Orange, California.

          Hope some of this helps. Happy Digging!

          • dfwtexans00 says:

            I found an Otis F Johnson (not Fielding’s kid), in Montrose MO 1880 US Census born Ohio…no kids listed on census. Otis Johnson (mine) was born 1887 Montrose, MO. THANKS

      • John Olthoff says:

        I found his work papers from Colorado Fuel & Iron steel mill in Pueblo, Co where he worked in early 1930’s He was born 7th of March 1887 in Montrose, Henry, MO, he had a contact listed as his brother R.F. Johnson in Talmage, KS have not gotten any further on that. Thought would update hope all is well

  3. dfwtexans00 says:

    Still no luck did obtain copy of Otis’ work records from steel mill he was employed Born March 7, 1887 Montrose, MO had a brother listed as next of kin R F Johnson of Kansas..searched has bogged dowh

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