Freaky Quarantine Dream

Now, I have been known to have some freaky dreams in my time, but this one takes the cake! Not only is my head still spinning, but I am physically tired and now stressed about a Zoom meeting today that honestly can only go smoothly.

Let’s first set the stage. In the dream we are all under the current stay-at-home orders due to Covid-19 and the location is at my home in northern Nevada. The names have been changed to protect the innocent… LOL I will, however, let my friends and family know who each other is in real life, because believe me… that makes this all even funnier.

The key players are:

  • My mom whom passed away when I was 19 over 33 years ago. She is in her body that just turned 40-years-old and nobody but me seems to realize the problems here.
  • My sister whom still lives back where we grew up in the Kansas City, Missouri area. I will call her “Veronica”.
  • “Angie” is a current friend from our homeschool community whom I evidently haven’t seen in too long, since she is key in this dream.
  • “Cassie” is a close childhood friend who still lives back in the KCMO area and is now a grandma several times over.
  • “Nate” was the first guy I ever went out on an official date with. Official as in, my mom knew about…lol, approved since he was the son of a friend of hers and he was going into the military (it was at an Air Force send off banquet), and was more than something like a school dance.
  • “Lynn” is my boss whom I am doing a lot of work for from home during this time.
  • Variety of friends: many from my local area in northern Nevada and at their current ages… sorry guys.  😉   There were a few people from all through my life sprinkled in here and there and about half of them were the ages from when we were last together (all between 20+ to 30+ years ago). Unfortunately for me, I was one of the ones in my current age.  😉

Even though we are all still supposed to only go out to do essential business, I had gone somewhere. My guess is the grocery store, since that is pretty much the extent of any of my “adventures” out of the home at this time.

I get home and walk into the house. The door is uncharacteristically unlocked and my son “Buddy” and my hubby are both nowhere to be found. I do, however, find Angie sitting on my couch like she owns the place and there are probably about 10 people mingling around in my living room, dining room, and kitchen. No; my house is NOT company ready, because… we are NOT supposed to be having any company over!  😉

Anyway, Nate and Cassie start heading over to the front foyer closet door as a couple. Now, I am thinking that they had at least met sometime during junior high and/or high school, but that would probably be the extent of it. They were also at least 2 or 3 years ahead of me in school, but in this dream they are probably in their early 20’s.

Nate and Cassie start to tape several pieces of paper that look like over-sized bookmarks all over my closet door. I asked them in a confused, yet calm-enough manner, what they are doing. They start to explain to me like a couple who has been together for years and finishes each other’s sentences that they are having a fundraiser to help with expenses once their baby is born.

I now seem to forget about the fact that they are both in their 50’s now. I ask them about the fundraiser. It’s a raffle where you guess when the baby will be born. The one closest to the actual date wins. I ask them what’s their due date.

They look at me as one and like I am the most ignorant person on this earth. They say that if they tell me, I would have an unfair advantage. I look at her flat belly that I had NO idea was carrying a baby. I then try to explain that most of the time with these raffles, the people already know about when the due date is (not to mention that they already know that there is a baby on the way) and that they usually add the time born since everyone knows theoretically when he or she should arrive.

They still look at me like I am the one who doesn’t understand how this works. I suggest that maybe they just tell everyone a range that contains their due date (like about what month they are due). They finally give into my request, but they don’t make that information known to the others. There are guesses of dates all over the yearly calendar; some are even beyond 9 months away.

The guesses also have the donation amount written by them. Most are $1 or $2 each. I hate to tell them this, but that won’t go far at all when raising a baby. It seems like this is the first baby for each of them, but I know that is definitely not the truth in real life.

It then dawns on me that I still have no idea why any of these people are in my house… not to mention during a time of quarantine.

I ask Nate and Cassie why this “party” is at my house. I don’t even ask what they are doing over a couple of thousand miles away from their homes back in the Midwest… especially for a fundraiser that will probably only earn them $100 at most, not to mention the fact that I am probably the only one they actually know here in northern Nevada.

They tell me that it was Angie’s idea. I look over to her knitting on my couch. She said nonchalantly, “Oh ya, they came by the other day when I was here doing the pickup of my breads and rolls.” Well I have a couple of questions here, but I don’t ask them: Where was I when you were here the other day? Why at my house? Where’s MY bread? Where’s your mask? In fact, where are all of your masks???

Ok, Angie does bake breads and rolls to sell to friends, but I haven’t seen anything about that during this time AND she would be doing a no contact porch pick up now if she did… and it would be at her OWN house!

I just begin to unravel.

All of a sudden my mom comes out of the kitchen. Mind you, my house is rather small and I most definitely would not have missed seeing my mom even from that front closet door. The layout is basically open and includes a half wall between the kitchen and living room.

You would think that I would be overwhelmed with seeing my mom for the first time in over 33 years and she me. Instead her only concern was that I wasn’t being a good hostess. I was focusing on the wrong thing! I should act more excited about Nate and Cassie’s pregnancy and not be focused on myself.

My sister “Veronica” then steps around the half wall and gives me a detailed lecture about thinking about others first. She and I are now 9 and 12 years older than our mom, but that doesn’t phase her a bit, either. I know it is an extremely weird feeling for us both as we have aged beyond our mom, in real life.

Now in real life, I am sure that my sister would be A LOT more concerned about why all of these people are traveling such great distances and gathering at this time… without wearing masks.

Throughout all of this, more and more people are walking into my house. They are totally ignoring me and someone keeps opening the master bedroom door. That takes over on my concerns for a bit. Stay out of my room!  LOL

Everyone not only acts like they own the place, but they all somehow already know each other. There is no need for me to introduce these people who come from all different times of my life and from all of the locations I have lived over the years. It is seamless to them and I am the only one confused by this. Another freaky thing is that many have not aged past their teens or early twenty’s, but unfortunately, some of us have.

All of a sudden, I realize that I have an important online meeting on Zoom today at 2:30 for work. I look at my watch (which I don’t actually wear) and it says 2:48. I am late!

I start rushing around gathering my laptop, notebook, pen, the TV tray table, a box to put my laptop up at a higher angle (because it is supposed to be more flattering), and a folding chair… which is difficult since all seats are taken and nobody else seems to care about my frantic state. I keep saying if I don’t get on this Zoom call now, I will be fired on the spot! They are all like: ok, whatever… we are here for Nate and Cassie.

I start dragging my supplies for the meeting out the front door and am planning on doing the Zoom call from there since it will be much quieter. There is now a steady stream of people coming down the street and into my house. Not one person is leaving.

By the time I get my “desk” set up for the Zoom call and hit Join Meeting, it is well after 3:00 and I am sure I am doomed. Now in real life, Lynn would have texted me several times and even called if I was missing a meeting.

Suddenly, I wake up. Exhausted physically and mentally… and checking the time.


Have you had any freaky quarantine dreams? If so, please share in the comments section.

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I am a 53 year old mom of two (now 20 and 33). I'm happily married and I homeschooled our youngest the whole way through. Our youngest has been diagnosed as having Asperger's and I have an Atypical form of Parkinsonism, BPPV, Pseudo Cushings, Fibromyalgia, AGHD, and more. My family means everything to me! I am a northern Nevadan Christian working from home mom who also blogs and loves some of the social media communities. I also started as a doTerra Wellness Advocate on my 50th birthday. I'm a self-proclaimed advocate for Asperger's Syndrome, all of the Autism Spectrum Disorders, and special needs in general. I am usually found blogging, pinning, tweeting, and posting about homeschooling, genealogy, Parkinsonism, being Gluten-Free, books, recipes, and anything else on our family's Christian Journey...
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