Wegene DNA Composition Chart

It was suggested last night on a Facebook group I am in (that is amazing with figuring out DNA stuff and finding bio parents) that I upload my raw DNA to Wegene. It’s free, by the way.

I’m not totally sure what it is I am supposed to do with it now, though.  LOL

I have to say that the results they got from doing my comparison floored me. I actually looked at it and then tried to figure out why I was seeing someone else’s results. It was THAT off from the others.

It shows some crazy stuff that honestly doesn’t even have anything (that I know of) to do with what I know and/or am learning about my ancestry. Someone on that Facebook group said that they are actually quite similar if I ignore the ones under 5% and add the others all up together… then they match. It feels like, “if you squint hard enough and turn your head to the side….”   😉  But hey! I got some Ashkenazi in there with this one!  😉

Check this out and then compare it to the others below (that I got elsewhere). By the way, these results came from the raw DNA from my Ancestry test.

Part of the “other” that isn’t in the European part includes 0.01% Chinese, but it was so small that it didn’t show what branch/group (or whatever) it’s called within the Chinese people.

Wegene composition chart

Wegene Results

23andMe 2nd version 7 30 2018



Ancestry Results

My Heritage Breakdown List

My Heritage results


The Wegene results also came with these two sections (I can’t figure out how they could know my paternal haplogroup. I thought that was the one on that extra chromosome or something.):

Maternal HaplogroupPaternal Haplogroup

I will post more later about my searching for my unknown biological father. Long story short… I think I am getting close, but could really use some confirmation that I am on the correct path from a close match. If I am correct, I think I know who my biological grandparents were and likely who my biological father was (this man passed away in the early 2000’s,)

I’m still digging!

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