New DNA Ethnic Breakdown from My Heritage

Well OK then! Here is what My Heritage estimates as my ethnic breakdown. I can see the top one (but 23andMe showed that I was more English than Irish etc on theirs).

And what in the world??? 1.1% Middle Eastern? Oh my… I vote for Israel, Egypt, or Cypress… but neither of my tests showed any Jewish.

All of the companies have their own samples and breakdowns. It’s all probably somewhere in the middle of all of them.

By the way, I found out just the other day that My Heritage will let you upload your DNA data for free. No need for another test.

I just got my results about ten minutes ago. Besides getting this perplexing little chart and map… they are also giving me five potential first cousins (but it shows they can also be anywhere from first to second or fourth….that’s a big range). At least one is definitely on my mom’s side. Three don’t have ANY tree or surnames, so that makes it hard. I just sent a message to the one with a few names; none of the ones showing in his tree are even a bit familiar. I’m hoping he gets back to me soon and has some details.

My Heritage Breakdown List

My Heritage Breakdown

Europe 98.9%

North and West Europe 98.9%
Irish, Scottish, and Welsh 48.4%
North and West European 28.3%
English 21.4%
Scandinavian  0.8%

Middle Eastern  1.1%

Check out my other DNA test results at the links below:

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