Joshua and Patience BROWN HADLEY ~ Tombstone Tuesday

Joshua Hadley and Patience Brown Tombstone

My sixth-great-grandfather on my adopted father’s side (step-dad initially) of the family, Joshua HADLEY, was born March 6, 1703, in Kilcleagh, Westmeath, Ireland, to Simon HADLEY (1675 – 1756) and Ruth Miller KERAN (February 1677 – December 18, 1750). Joshua died in 1760, in North Carolina.

Joshua married Patience BROWN in 1735 in New Castle, Delaware. Patience was born May 25, 1712 in New Garden Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, to Jeremiah BROWN (September 1687 – March 1767) and Mary Royal COLES (June 8, 1690 – July 31, 1749). Patience BROWN died in either May or December 1783 in Chatham, North Carolina.

Joshua Hadley and Patience Brown Tombstone Up Close

Plaque on Joshua and Patience BROWN HADLEY’s tombstone.

“In Memory of Joshua Hadley. Born 3M, 6th, 1703 in King County Ireland. Died 1760. And Patience Brown, Wife. Born 5M, 25, 1712.”

Speaking about Joshua: “Came to N.C. 1758, Pioneer Ancestory of Hadley Family of South and West. Erected 1931.”

Joshua and Patience HADLEY were the parents of Simon HADLEY.

Simon HADLEY (March 5, 1737 – March 24, 1803) and Bridget FOOTE (April 17, 1732 – December 15, 1807) were the parents of Thomas LAKEY. Simon passed away on Thomas’ wife’s birthday (see below). This also happens to be my maternal grandma, Ruby Irene PORTER WILLIAMS’ birthday and the day my mom (Ruby Irene’s daughter) was buried. These two were related by marriage to this branch. My mom was married to Simon and Bridget’s fourth-great-grandson. There are also a few other important dates throughout just the family history I know by memory that happened on March 24th. It has become a big day in our family history.

Thomas LAKEY (June 16, 1751 – January 7, 1780) and Ann HADLEY (March 24, 1759 – October 6, 1841) were Simon LAKEY’s parents.

Simon LAKEY (June 8, 1778 – June 19, 1853) and Mary BURCHAM (October 8, 1789 – March 13, 1864) were John Burcham LAKEY’s parents. Simon was born on his second-great-grandmother Mary Royal COLES’ 88th birthday, but she had died almost 30 years earlier (see above).

John Burcham LAKEY (June 11, 1827 – February 12, 1863) and Keziah “Kissie” ROMINES (1827 – November 4, 1893) were the parents of Simon William LAKEY.

Simon William LAKEY (June 1848 – 1919) and Mary Martha COBB (March 1879 – December 4, 1952) were the parents of Andy Lee Chester LAKEY, Sr. By the way, I was concerned about my dates early on, but have checked them many times and have multiple sources that show the 31 years difference in age and that she really was a child bride when they got married August 18, 1892, in Ozark, Missouri.

Andy Lee Chester LAKEY, Sr (March 15, 1905 – March 6, 1972) and Eunice Mae DANNER (August 18, 1907 – May 2, 1996) were the parents of my adoptive father.


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