Nathaniel WILLIAMS ~ Tombstone Tuesday

Nathaniel Williams TombstoneMy second great-grandfather, Nathaniel WILLIAMS, was born in September of 1862 in Scott City, Bourbon County, Kansas, to Jacob WILLIAMS (born about 1830) and Sarah E. (March 8, 1845 – July 4, 1929).

Nathaniel married Lillie Mae “Mamie” STANLEY in 1886 in Scott City, Bourbon County, Kansas. Lillie Mae was born in October of 1868 in Kinney, Illinois. Her mother’s maiden name was Cardelia OLWIN and she was born about 1850.

Nathaniel and Lillie Mae WILLIAMS had five children: Lillie M WILLIAMS (born in 1887), Arthur Jacob WILLIAMS Sr (1889-1965), Ernest L WILLIAMS (born in 1892), Lena WILLIAMS (1898-1971), and Valentine Nathanial WILLIAMS (1901-1983).

Nathaniel was buried in Griggs, Cimarron County, Oklahoma. He died on April 11, 1908.

Lillie Mae was remarried after Nathaniel’s death and was later buried in Peoria, Illinois. She died on April 8, 1935.

Nathaniel and Lillie Mae’s son, Arthur Jacob WILLIAMS Sr (October 13, 1889 – December 16, 1965) and Martha Agnes FRARY (July 27, 1900 – July 6, 1923) were the parents of Carlton Nathanial WILLIAMS Sr.

Carlton Nathanial WILLIAMS Sr (March 16, 1922 – July 15, 1991) and Ruby Irene PORTER (March 24, 1928 – May 13, 2010) were my mom’s parents.


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