Benjamin Franklin Wurtz ~ Wordless Wednesday

Benjamin Franklin Wurtz and John Henry Wurtz 2

Benjamin Franklin WURTZ (on the right) and his brother John Henry WURTZ ~ Taken before May 1949 in Pleasanton, Kansas, USA

OK… So, this is more like Minimal Words Wednesday. I couldn’t help myself.

Benjamin (or Benjamen) Franklin WURTZ (1880-1975) was my second-great-grandfather on my maternal grandfather’s side. He was the father of Ethel Helen WURTZ (1906-2000) who raised and became the mother of my grandpa Carlton Nathanial WILLIAMS, Sr  (1922-1991) after his biological mother passed away when he was very young. Ethel Helen was a strong woman in all the most important ways and a blessing to have as a Great-Grandma ♥

I find it extremely cool that Benjamin Franklin WURTZ was born in the same somewhat small town/city (Quincy, Illinois) that my daughter was born in 91 years later and almost to the day! It makes it even better because he, and therefore his part of the family, left the area when he was 20 years old. Our family did not return to that area until I went several hours away from home to college.

Nobody ever told me that we had family from the area until I discovered it while researching this branch. They probably had no idea. I love it when these cool examples of history repeating itself pop up! Don’t you?

What cool similarities or history repeating itself have you come across in your research? Please share in the comments section.

Benjamin Wurtz2

Benjamin Franklin WURTZ

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