Remembering Darci ~ My Aunt and Victim of The Prospect Killer

Darci is on the left at my first wedding & as a baby to the right.

Darci Irene Williams

June 4, 1979 ~ September 4, 2004

Darci was adopted by my grandpa and grandma when she was just a baby. She was well loved by us all.

I remember babysitting my Aunt Darci A LOT during my teen years and loved doing her hair! She was sure a handful, because she was sufficiently spoiled by my grandpa and grandma…lol

Darci was taken WAY too soon by a horrible being that was named The Prospect Killer.  She was killed when she was 25 years old and would have been 34 yesterday. (This was previously posted on an earlier blog and now moved here to my genealogy blog, but the dates and details section is newly added below.)

Grandma was instrumental in his conviction.  She felt blessed to be able to provide that needed evidence and being considered the Grandma of many of the other victims’ families throughout the trial process.

Being a family member of a victim of a serial killer still feels unreal, but unfortunately it is not.  The news hounds all over the funeral, having The First 48 covering the case as it unfolded, and the total injustice of the whole matter are unforgettable.

We all love you and miss you Darci… along with your dear baby Andrew (who died of SIDS).  You now have both your mom and dad with you also.

No more pain.  No more sorrow. ♥

The ladies he was convicted of murdering. He also just got out of prison after serving 21 years of a 25 year sentence for the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend & mother of his 2 children. He was also considered to have raped & murdered a few more, but those charges were not completed. Darci is on the far right.

Rest In Peace ~ Darci Irene Williams, Patricia Wilson, Anna Ewing, Carmen Hunt, Claudette Juniel, Sheliah McKinzie, Angela Monroe. Nellia “Suzy” Harris, and Sandra Reed

If you want to know more, you can check out the following links:

Darci’s Dates and Details

Darci was born on June 4, 1979, in Kansas City, Kansas. She arrived at Ruby Irene and Carlton Williams. Sr’s (my grandma and grandpa) home on June 14, 1979. They were her foster parents and they adopted her on November 1980.

She had a son named Robert Andrew Taylor, Jr. who died from SIDS when he was a month old in 1998.

She was murdered on September 4, 2004, in Kansas City, Missouri and buried in Mount Washington Cemetery near her mom and dad (my grandma and grandpa) and her son Andrew.

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    • nvlynnae says:

      Beth and Wendy did a great job on their podcast about the Prospect Killer. Check it out. Darci Williams was my aunt and Ruby Irene Williams was my grandma (my mom’s mom). Thank you Beth and Wendy for making a difference.

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