Amelia “Anna” HIGHTOWER SCOGGINS ~ Tombstone Tuesday

Amelia "Anna" HIGHTOWER SCOGGINS 1765 ~ 1850

1765 ~ 1850

My fifth great-grandmother, Amelia “Anna” HIGHTOWER, was born June 10, 1765 in Orange County, North Carolina to Austin HIGHTOWER (1698-1784) and Martha CLACK (1744-1793).  Martha was Austin’s third wife and much younger than him.

“Anna” married Jonah SCOGGINS (1763-1845) on January 1, 1789 in Orangeburg, Marion County, South Carolina.  Jonah was Anna’s second husband.  Her first husband, George HAYGOOD, died less than a year after they married and made Anna a widow when she was only sixteen years old.

Anna died October 28, 1850 in Carrollton, Greene County, Illinois and is buried at the Mount Gilead Cemetery.

Jonah and Anna had around eleven children including Seborn Jonah SCOGGINS (1796-1875).  

Seborn and Ann Elizabeth GENTRY (b. 1805) were the parents of Charlotte Marinda SCOGGINS (b.1826).

Sherman FRARY (1824-1867) and Charlotte were the parents of Sherman FRARY (1852-1915).

Sherman FRARY (1852-1915) and Alice M. (1856-1934) were the parents of Martha Agnes “Mattie” FRARY (1900-1923).

Arthur Jacob WILLIAMS, Sr. (1889-1965) and “Mattie” were the parents of Carlton Nathanial WILLIAMS Sr. (1922-1991)… my Grandpa!

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9 Responses to Amelia “Anna” HIGHTOWER SCOGGINS ~ Tombstone Tuesday

  1. Rosalie Huebener says:

    Good Morning,
    I am Rosalie Dwyer Huebener. I am the granddaughter of Laura Belle Jones, daughter of Frances Hardwick, who is the daughter of Jonah and Anna. Frances married George Washington Jones. I have been trying to get family history on all the sides but have hit many walls. I think that I am going to drive to Greene County today and try to locate the grave sites of Jonah and Anna in the Mt. Gilead Cemetery.
    I have also been trying to find my grandparents graves to no avail. I have learned that my grandmother, Laura Belle Dwyer was buried as Dewise somewhere in Carrollton. Unknown about my grandfather.
    Family story that has been told to me is Laura and William H. Dwyer both died during the Spanish influenza along with a female child. Left was my father, William C.H. Dwyer, who was placed in an orphanage in Alton, Ill.
    I, of course, am trying to find out family history as to why he was not taken in by members of the large families on both sides of his parents.

  2. nvlynnae says:

    Wow! That would be my biggest question, too, about why didn’t someone in the family take him in. I looked in my records and cannot place Frances as their daughter, though. What are her vitals, dates, etc. She could easily be under a different name due to the censuses, etc. (Her other children I have are mostly from things like censuses.) This would be a great connection for us to make.

    Happy Digging!

  3. Rosalie Huebener says:

    Hi again,
    Well, I goofed about Frances. She is the daughter of Charlotte, who married a Willis Hardwick. ,
    One of their children was Frances Eudora Hardwick who married George Washington Jones. My grandmother was one of their children, Laura Belle Jones. Based on what I am finding, I think this is right.
    I can’t find a death date for Frances but she is not on the census records in 1900 so I am thinking she must have passed away.
    I often wonder about some of the information that people put out there without any kind of verifiable records.
    Just about the time I think, ha, I got it, it doesn’t pan out.
    If you get anything from your family, I would be interested in it.
    Maybe someone out there does have something.
    Thank you
    Rosalie – maybe a shirt tail cousin or something.

  4. robkendrick says:

    Hello Cousin!

    I am the 4th great-grandson of Amelia Anna Hightower and Jonah Scoggins through their son Robert Hightower Scoggins and his son Andrew Jackson Scoggins, his son Foster Louis Scoggins, his daughter Ethel Pearl Scoggins, her daughter Margie who is my mother. Thanks for the post on her. Glad to see another connection out there. Like you we are a homeschooling family of two small children.

    Rob Kendrick

    • nvlynnae says:

      Hello to you, too my cousin!

      I am SO glad that we have connected and think that it is cool that we both homeschool! I am going to check out your blog now. Thank you so much for stopping by and introducing yourself!

  5. Rosalie Huebener says:

    Hi there. Been awhile since last having contact with you. I have found some information that I believe is very correct. Still looking for graves of grandparents. Found some family members of grandmothers sister and am going to attend their family reunion in August. Maybe some of those folks will be able to help.
    Seems that all of the info that I find goes to other branches. I guess when my fathers parents died, the history went out the window.

  6. steve miller says:

    hi- my name is Steven Miller- My Grandfather Christy John Stone is a great grandson of Seborne Johan Scoggins and Ann Elizabeth Gentry whose parents are Johan Scoggins and Amelia “Anna” Hightower

    Thanks for sharing

    • Rosalie Huebener says:

      Hi Steve, saw your message and am wondering about Johann and Amelia Anna. Are they buried in Greene County Illinois? I have been hitting walls in my attempts to figure out who is who. Can’t seem to find anybody who can provide information on my fathers’ mother who was buried under the wrong name or where she is buried. Her name was Laura Belle Jones Dwyer. Her mother was a Franny Hardwick. She also has disappeared with her death.
      Rosalie Dwyer Huebener

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